Blockcoach is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency consulting, coaching and community management firm specializing in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects

ICO Consulting & Advisory

Experienced and proficient with the full ICO process, we are able to help tokenize your businesses or research.

Cryptocurrency Coaching

As hands-on consultants, we are adept at helping to coach less crypto-savvy individuals to bring them up to speed with the fast paced environment of ICOs and Blockchain technology

Community Management

Allow us to work with you in extending the reach of your project and elevating your presence within the crowded ICO scene.

Our Team

Daniel Oon

Tokenization lead

As someone with substantial interest and insight about the impact of technology on economies through the study of Economics of Digitization, Daniel Oon is BlockCoach’s capable token architecture and business development lead. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 when it was below USD 200 and is also Research partner at Nodex Capital, a cryptoasset fund. In 2016, he founded Cryptoeconomics Asia, an online research outfit focused on the reduction of information asymmetry for economic agents of forward-looking digital frameworks such as the blockchain. He graduated summa cum laude from SUNY Buffalo with highest departmental honors in economics and is a member of the International Association for Cryptologic Research.

Daniel also happens to be the co-head admin for @crypto and @cryptocn family of Telegram groups and was involved with assisting Dan Larimer in @eosproject and @eoscn. He currently serves as advisor to Cloakcoin, Flyp.me, Futereum ICOs.

Joshua Daniel Foo

Head of Strategy and Operations

Visionary and logical, Joshua is in charge of strategizing and streamlining the operations that are essential to the various channels and partnerships that BlockCoach possesses. A final-year undergraduate at the SUNY Buffalo, majoring in Business Administration (Operations Management), Joshua is someone who is passionate and effective in translating his thoughts and insight on the potential of cryptocurrencies into business models and programmes. Over the years, Joshua has also acquired a wealth of prior experience as a life-skills coach as well as in events planning and management.

"A big mistake that many blockchain startups make when crafting their token offering is that they either make the whitepaper too generic and high level by leaving out most of the important details which may cause them to lose crucial potential investors... Striking that careful balance will be super important as you try and reach a specific audience."
Quoted from AJ Agrawal (Contributor on Forbes.com)
BlockCoach's Consultants are well able to provide professional advice and guidance to the ICO's management team throughout the entire course of the ICO.
"The community management is a challenge due to time zones, languages, range of interests and channels — every single person who gets in contact with you is a potential contributor. The faster you are with your answers, the more active you are in various channels, the more credible you appear compared to your competitors, the more likely people will invest."
Quoted from "Herocoin.io" on Medium
BlockCoach Singapore offers a Community Management team that is well able to serve as the bridge between your ICO and potential contributors by increasing the token's social media presence on various platforms.