Community Management

What Is Community Management?
Community Management (CM) is a huge part of an Initial Token Offering process, it follows an ICO at its core crowdfunding not dissimilar from a kickstarter fundraising event. Therefore, each successful project requires a certain core level of traditional marketing. Community Management goes one step beyond social media management by taking the first step to engage the community through several social media platforms. 

Additionally, as ICOs are targeted at investors who hold cryptocurrencies, the engagement of these participants should be carried out by experts who are well versed in ICO processes. This is where BlockCoach stands out, our savvy-staff are trained to understand how the full ICO process works. 


How We Can Help
At BlockCoach, we believe that the engagement of our users is essential to the success of the projects that we support. ICO investors tend to be active investors that are constantly keen to find out more about a project, but not through slides or articles. They usually prefer to have subject matter experts reply their queries them through certain mediums such as Telegram or Twitter. Sophisticated investors also prefer reading the analysis and announcements of a project on Medium, a popular blogging website.


Allow us to work with you in extending the reach of your project and elevating your presence within the crowded ICO scene, while ensuring that stakeholders expectations are managed. Blockcoach is adept in managing all aspects of social media marketing that an ICO would require and we have the expertise to answer hard-hitting questions that are related to the protocol of your choice, be it in regards to Ethereum, EOS or NEO


 CloudOne Onboarding Process 

➢ BlockCoach’s proprietary ICO community management onboarding process to ensure seamless takeover of Telegram platform. 


Currents CM Process 

➢ BlockCoach’s proprietary ICO community engagement cycle (CEC) implementation that ensures Community Management (CM) processes are executed daily to maximize user engagement and help the ICO achieve a wider audience.