Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Coaching

What is Cryptocurrency & Blockchain?
A blockchain is essentially a growing number of blocks that are linked to each other in the form of a chain, thus the usage of the terms “Block” & “Chain”. Each block is cryptographically protected and contains certain records or information that are deemed essential for that specific blockchain. Bitcoin is a prime example of the application of a blockchain with the records of the chain being monetary transactions.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to regulate the generation of blocks, which contain transactions. Cryptocurrencies rely on the use of blockchain to remain trustless and immutable. Given the cryptographic properties of a blockchain, it has been found to be a suitable channel to serve as form of currency that is cryptographically protected. As such, the term crypto-currency came to fruition.

How We Can Help
As hands-on consultants, we are adept at helping to coach less crypto-savvy individuals to bring them up to speed with the fast paced environment of ICOs and Blockchain technology. We pride ourselves in being able to effectively explain the intricacies of this new development to those that may not have much exposure to computer science or economics.

It can be intimidating for business executives and professionals who might need to deal with matters or queries on blockchain or cryptocurrencies daily, especially so if they do not have much experience or exposure in this regard. In such a scenario, an arrangement can be made for one of our coaches to guide and explain the various attributes of a blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Depending on the need of the individual, coaching sessions can be customized to suit one’s knowledge profile and requirements.

Case Examples:

  • An executive that has no blockchain experience was sent by his management to discuss about the potential of tokenizing some securities. BlockCoach was approached to serve as technical advisors providing guidance during the meeting.
  • A product manager needed to brief his own management team about the potential of blockchain applications the next day. BlockCoach was called upon to provide an immediate crash course on the state of the blockchain.
  • A FinTech consultant that focuses on payment gateways wanted to know more about the potential disruption that blockchain technology would have on other aspects on FinTech to better prepare himself on the job, we were engaged to brief him on the different use cases.
  • A group of undergraduates were curious about the different types of cryptocurrencies, how they work and how they are disrupting the banking/finance industry. BlockCoach organized a customized coaching session to educate them and fulfill their queries.