ICO Consulting & Advisory

What are ICOs?
Initial Coin Offerings tend to be abbreviated as ICOs. This term comes from a play on the term Initial Public Offering (IPO) as many liken the ICO process to taking a firm into the public market and being able to raise a tremendous amount of funds. The main difference between a ICO and an IPO is that the latter requires equity holders to release some of their shareholdings to the public in return for cash, whereas the former does not involve any exchange of equity. Startups and their investors love this new parallel funding model but it brings about its own set of challenges.

When a startup wishes to raise funds through an ICO, they are required to present to retail cryptocurrency investors a whitepaper. Within the whitepaper, details of the functions of the token, allocation of funds, and partnerships will be made known. At this stage, many firms tend to face problems and challenges when they are required to “tokenize” their idea.

How We Can Help
At BlockCoach, we have the experience with helping businesses and startups tokenize their concepts. We are proficient with the full ICO process and are able to provide guidance from whitepaper writing, to the book-building processes that an ICO will need to go through. Coupled with our expertise in Community Management and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Coaching, we are well-positioned to help your project gain the highest exposure to retail cryptocurrency investors.

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